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First end-to-end virtual distributor

Ever growing product range

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Efficient drop shipping

Drop shipping resellers’ orders directly from manufacturers to offline and online resellers and end-customers

DistriSmart is a very efficient solution for Exacompta in order to ensure drop shipment distribution of long tail products on distributors' websites - all this with an easy, quick and affordable setup. DistriSmart teams are very professional and focused on the essential, which is an error-free and record-time implementation of the solution they offer. This platform is innovative, flexible and a win for all the parties involved. To be used without moderation!

DistriSmart is a trustworthy partner that allows us to offer long tail products to our clients in an efficient way. The platform reduces the costs of DiscountOffice throughout the entire chain, without compromising the product data quality and the delivery reliability that we offer to our customers.

The cooperation with DistriSmart is a great benefit for us. The sales of the Monolith products are increased and the customer base is enlarged - and this without additional costs! The team of DistriSmart knows how to place its future-oriented strategies always perfectly on the current market and thus helps all customers to have access to the entire product portfolio of Monolith GmbH.

Distri-Smart is an effective partner for Franken in order to present, offer and deliver our complete product range to our customers. We benefit from the digital platform and the industry knowledge in different countries and marketing channels.

First end-to-end virtual distributor

in the office supplies sector, connecting manufacturers directly with the end-customer through resellers

Vertically integrated

by two platforms offering concrete digital solutions to inventory constraints and price transparency


as first virtual wholesaler for office supply in Europe, Drop shipping resellers’ orders directly from manufacturers to offline and online resellers and end-customers ➔ inventory free


as e-commerce platform for end-customers with a unique real-time basket comparison feature over all connected Resellers (to be re-implemented in 2019)